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Buying a HDB Flat in the Resale Marke

How would I know if I am eligible to buy a resale flat?
When registering your Intent to Buy on the HDB Resale Portal, you will be able to see your eligibility via HDB e-Service: Register Intent To Buy
How would I know if I may apply for CPF Housing Grant while buying a resale flat?
You can check your eligibility to receive a housing subsidy to help with the purchase of your resale flat under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme via HDB e-Service: CPF Housing Grants for Resale Flats
What is the EIP or SPR Quota about?
Buyers/Sellers must meet the ETHNIC INTEGRATION POLICY (EIP) & SINGAPORE PERMANENT RESIDENT (SPR) QUOTA requirements on the date of resale application.

The EIP & SPR Limits are updated on a monthly basis. You can check the limits via HDB e-Service: Enquiry on Buyers’ Eligibility under the EIP and SPR Quota.
How do I get a housing loan from HDB for buying a resale flat?
Buyers who are getting a housing loan from the HDB must:
  • Meet the loan eligibility conditions. You can check via HDB e-Service: Eligibility Conditions for Housing Loan
  • For a second HDB loan, the loan amount will be reduced by the CPF balance/refund + up to half of the cash proceeds from the sale of the current or immediate past flat.
  • Have a valid HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter when exercising the OTP and when submitting the resale application.
Buyers can apply for the HLE Letter via HDB e-Service: Application for HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE).
How do I get a housing loan from a bank for buying a resale flat?
Buyers who are getting a bank loan must:
  • Have a bank’s Letter of Offer when exercising the OTP.
  • Have accepted the Letter of Offer when submitting the resale application.
How do I use my CPF when buying a resale flat?
You will have to check and be aware that there may be limits on the use of CPF and the taking of a housing loan due to the remaining lease of the flat (e.g. those that have less than 60 years remaining lease as at the date of purchase).

Information on the remaining lease of a particular HDB block can be found on HDB website’s Centralised Map Services under “Flat Information”.
What is the HDB Prescribed Option to Purchase (OTP)?
It is the contract to be used in HDB resale transactions.

Before exercising the OTP, Buyers should read and understand the Important Notes and provisions enclosed with the OTP. Any deletion, insertion or alteration to any provision in the prescribed OTP will render it null and void.

Buyers who are taking a housing loan or using CPF for the flat purchase will require a valuation report. After the Sellers have granted the OTP to the Buyers, Buyers have to submit a valuation request by the next working day.

Buyers are given twenty-one (21) days to exercise the OTP. Upon exercising the OTP, the Buyers and Sellers will have entered into a binding contract.
How would I know if I am liable for upgrading cost when buying a resale flat?
You will have to check whether the flat is under any upgrading programme via HDB e-Service: Enquire Status of HDB’s Upgrading/Estate Renewal Programmes.

The party liable to pay for the upgrading cost/levy is the flat owner on the date the bill is issued.

For a flat undergoing a resale transaction, the bill will be issued to the Buyers (the new owners) if the bill is rendered after the resale completion.

If the bill had been rendered to the Sellers before the completion of the resale transaction, the Sellers will have to settle any outstanding upgrading cost/levy before the completion of resale.

Last updated: 30 Apr 2018

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