Starting out as a Property Agent in Singapore

25 June 2018

Starting out as a Property Agent in Singapore

Wondering how to be a property agent in Singapore and kick-start your career in the real estate industry?
Starting out as a Property Agent in Singapore

Firstly, you must fulfil the prevailing registration criteria as a new entrant, which include passing the Real Estate Salesperson examination and approach a licensed estate agent such as ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd to submit a salesperson registration application to the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).

You may like to check out full details about applying for the Real Estate Salesperson Course and applying for Salesperson Registration .

Once you have successfully joined the industry, here are three tips to propel your career:
1.  Make Contacts to Generate Leads

  • Circle of Influence – family, friends, acquaintances or past clients you already know. You could shout-out on social media or inform them about your new career via SMS or WhatsApp

  • Target Market – talking to people in a geographic target area that you frequent

  • For Sale By Owners (FSBO) – contact people who are currently trying to sell their property without an agent

[caption id="attachment_13448" align="alignnone" x-width="755"]Starting out as a Property Agent in Singapore
Starting out as a Property Agent in Singapore[/caption]

2. Attend Training and Upskill Yourself
If you choose to join ERA, ERA provides a wealth of training options for you to upgrade yourself with Ultimate Agent Training.This is divided into two sections: RESource and RESurge.

Under the RESource section, you can learn how to utilise various marketing channels in detail to effectively kick-start your real estate career through Ultimate AccelERAtion Mastery. There are also courses for mastering condos & ECs, resale HDB homes and landed properties market segments in RESource.

Under the RESurge section, seminars for diversifying investments and market trends are conducted regularly as well.

3. Offering Valuable Services

  • Research and ensure that you know market transactions to help your clients get the best deal in the shortest amount of time

  • Show your knowledge of the latest financing options to ease their experience

  • Guide them through the legal procedures

Do remember to communicate well about how you can value-add to potential leads with your real estate knowledge and skills!