How to Sell Your House Fast

4 Jul 2018

Do you have an urgent need to sell your HDB flat or private property quickly?
Here are three factors that affect the saleability of a property:

1. Price

How to Sell Your House Fast
A possible reason why a house didn’t sell could be that it isn’t priced according to the market. You could check at least three similar properties in the area which have been recently transacted to get a better gauge. If you have engaged a property agent, he/she might conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to facilitate discussions about pricing.

2. Condition

How to Sell Your House Fast
Was your home “dressed to sell” during viewings by potential buyers? Often, you might feel that the house is in great condition due to familiarity and comfort. You could seek a second opinion about the lighting, paint and furniture. A new paint job or simply some bright comfy pillows could breathe a fresh life into the rooms. Do clean and declutter too!

3. Exposure (Marketing)

How to Sell Your House Fast
Review previous marketing efforts and you might discover more ways to increase the exposure for the property such as through flyers, newspaper advertising, social media or other web postings. Do ensure that the photographs posted online are attractive. Or you could even consider 360-degree videos to pipe viewers’ curiosity and explore the house, room by room.
Remember to consider amenities in the vicinity to package the overall lifestyle!