3 Things I Wished Someone Told Me While Finding a Property Agent

by FindPropertyAgent.sg
19 Apr 2018

3 Things I Wished Someone Told Me While Finding a Property Agent

Finding a property agent to help with your real estate needs? Keep these three tips in mind:

1. They should be registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA)
Firstly, you will want to know if he/she is registered with CEA. Don’t be afraid to ask for his/her CEA license number, because it is illegal if someone impersonates as a salesperson. Alternatively, simply visit www.cea.gov.sg to check if the property agent is registered.


2. Is this property agent ideal for me?
You can apply a statistical approach to find the best matching active property agents based on your requirements such as property type and location. With smart algorithms, FindPropertyAgent.sg provides you the ideal property agent for the respective properties based on your search requirements.

If credibility and competency are important qualities that you value, you may also use the site to check the property agent’s past transactions statistics, read genuine reviews and ratings, view training attended and awards attained.

3. They cannot dual represent
If you are buying a property, your property agent should not be representing the seller at the same time. Similarly, if you are paying your property agent a commission e.g. to help sell or rent a property, it is an offense for the property agent to collect a commission from the buyer or tenant at the same time. If he/she does so, it will be considered as dual representation under the Estate Agent Act.

This also helps your property agent to safeguard your interests and negotiate the best deal.

We hope that these pointers help you to find the right property agent!

Source: Council for Estate Agencies (CEA)