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My 25 years’ journey in real estate, and still continuing to a new, fresh and exciting era, at OneERA.

Started my career in 1995-2020April as an associate in C&H Realty and being a consistent top producer, got promoted to a Division Director position, and involved in the top management/ leadership team.

My scope covers almost every landscape of the real estate industry; HDB, Landed, Condo/Apartment, Commercial and Industrial properties.

In Year 2014, I headed a new international project to market properties in Johore Bahru, Malaysia. Our initiatives drive us to penetrate the big China market. We travelled to Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou to promote the JB projects in 2015-2016.

As a Divisional Director, I recruit and manage a team of associates; guiding, teaching and mentoring them to be successful RES.


Simon Tong K C
+65 9026 1123
Division Director
ERA Simon Tong Division

Customer Reviews (1)

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    4. Follow-up service
    5. Beyond call-duty actions
    Comments by customer I have been engaging Simon since late 90' when I engaged him to sold my first flat, my experience of him is he is a hard working and always going extra mile to help his client to fulfilled his/ her request or expectations.
    Recall back to 2003 when engaged him against to manage my HDB sale than the market was very bad and he had tried his best to market my flat but unfortunately can't met my expectations price although the price that he gotten for me was above the valuation, he has accepted my request on termination the sale proceedings despite the contract clause.
    Recently I had engaged him against to sale my condo and as expected he never let me down, the price that he gotten for me is way beyond my expectations in recent market conditions many of the units at my place was sold at valuation price or just slightly above... Some even lower than valuation price.
    In my conclusion, Simon is going beyond his duty as house agent, he will never turn you down whenever you called.

Awards Received (6)

Top 5 Recruiters - New Team

Q2 2020 - 3rd

Top 10 Recruiters - Individual

Q2 2020 - 3rd

Top 10 Recruiters - New Team

Q1 2020 - 7th

Top 3 Recruiters - Individual

Apr 2020 - 2nd

Top 3 Recruiters - New Team

Apr 2020 - 1st

Top 3 Recruiters - New Team

Mar 2020 - 3rd

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Mandarin (中文)

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